Get 3 Pinputer Fan Wire Diagram Gif

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Get 3 Pinputer Fan Wire Diagram Gif. This wiring diagram shows the power starting at the switch box where a splice is made with the hot line which passes the power to both switches, and up to the. The mobo can do 2 things with this.

Westinghouse 3 Speed Fan Switch Wiring Diagram Gallery
Westinghouse 3 Speed Fan Switch Wiring Diagram Gallery from wholefoodsonabudget.com
Instead of fiddling around the motherboard you can splice the fan wiring with a free 4 or 3 pin molex adapter coming of your power supply unit. Although you can get just a ceiling fan most units offer a light kit that can be added in the future. Our 3 speed fan pull chain broke with the short end of the chain in the housing of the switch.

In other words, a 3 way switch is made up of one light that's controlled.

The capacitor is a 10uf, 250v. So if you just hook up the red and black wires to 12v, the fan works, but you no way of controlling the speed. Full color ceiling fan wiring diagram shows the wiring connections to the fan and the wall switches. They do not have a standard color code they are all wired the same, just go for color for color when changing the switch.

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