Get 240V Single Pole Thermostat Wiring Diagram Images

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Get 240V Single Pole Thermostat Wiring Diagram Images. The same thermostat can be wired for both 120v ac (line and neutral) and 240v ac (two lines in case of 120v ac single phase (line and neutral), 8 gauge wires are used with 30 amp circuit breaker and a single way (spst = single pole. When installing a 240 volt electric heater into a building, it is recommended that you install either a double pole or single pole thermostat.

Line voltage thermostat wiring - ...
Line voltage thermostat wiring - ... from
The picture below is a. This thermostat will fit you if your house uses electric heating system.not suitable for boiler control. Single pole thermostats are line voltage thermostats that are commonly used with electric baseboard heaters.

That third ground will attach to the the important thing to remember is that only one hot wire enters the thermostat;

Now that you are armed with a basic. Tc1 enclosure protection for thermostats. These diagrams graphically represent the heat stage. After you have disconnected connect supply ground to grounding pigtail provided.refer to the wiring diagram below that corresponds to your heater and thermostat application.

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