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View 3 Pin Alternator Wiring Diagram Gif. I've looked through books, etc. The 's' terminal on the voltage regulator is for switched 12 vdc.only hot in run, from the ignition.

Alternator Connector | IH8MUD Forum
Alternator Connector | IH8MUD Forum from
Is this true or am i crossed/backwards. Make sure there is continuity on the wirings from its field terminal down to the alternator. I was looking at the wiring from the alternator (physically and wiring diagrams) and it looks like it goes to the starter solenoid.

Are shown on pages showing the.

Connect leads as shown per your service part number. This goes to the junction of the starter and battery cable. Does anybody have a wiring diagram for a gm 3 wire alternator? Can i match the colors and run a wire back to the ecu pin of the altc (alternator control pin) for the extra wire?

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