17+ 3 5 Olds Engine Coolant Hose Diagram Pics

17+ 3 5 Olds Engine Coolant Hose Diagram Pics. And also this hose from the thermostat. Cooling, hoses, system, maintenance, engine.

Coolant line diagram - Mazda MX-6 Forum
Coolant line diagram - Mazda MX-6 Forum from img.photobucket.com
Note the bypass hose taking off hot coolant for the heater. Coolant hose schematic diagram → chapter. I know there were two types of 2.7t.

Does anyone have a decent coolant diagram for our 6.6 lb7 diesels?

In this system, the direction of cooling water flow is upward from the cylinder head to the top tank of the radiator, then down from the bottom tank, it moves through the lower radiator hose to the cylinder block water jackets by the help of the water. Diagram of the cooling system for reference. With today's smaller engine compartments, coolant hoses come in all shapes and sizes to fit specific applications and tight engine spaces. Coolant hose diagram there are only 2 hoses an upper and lower rad hose and both are probably moulded hoses.

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