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View 3 Pole Relay Diagram Pics. You can follow the same method as i have shown in the below contactor wiring diagram for wiring 3 phase motor with circuit breaker, 3 pole motor stater, and. Referring to the given diagram we can see a simple circuit comprising of a tp relay (triple pole relay) as shown below, and a transformerless power supply circuit.

RELECO 3-pole 11-pin industrial relay
RELECO 3-pole 11-pin industrial relay from
Double pole double throw dpdt relay. A relay is basically a switch but not like a switch that's on a wall. Din rail socket 3.5 mm logical din rail socket 5.0 mm din rail socket 5.0 mm logical platic retaining clip song chuan / industrial relay catalog.

When voltage is applied to the coil then the relay switches and now t1 (plus) is connected to contact 2 (and 3) and t2 (minus) is connected to 4 (and 1) therefore the motor is changing the direction of rotation.

How to use relay example of basic schematic circuit diagram:this lesson will guide you about information basic schematic circuit diagram. Pole/com is always attached to normally. Pole refers to the number of circuits controlled by the switch: When the relay coil is energized, the contacts change state.

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